Peeping Tom caught in ceiling of Planet Fitness tanning area: police

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Cody Postmus, 27, was caught allegedly peeping on a woman inside the Planet Fitness tanning area. (Kent County PD)

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (PIX11) – A woman using the tanning facilities at a Michigan Planet Fitness looked up to find a face staring back at her through a crack in the ceiling, according to police.

Cody Postmus, 27, was arrested after allegedly removing a tile and climbing into the rafters of the Grandville gym to look at women as they undressed to use the tanning booth.  According to WOOD-TV, Postmus faces a felony count of surveilling an unclothed person, which could land him in jail for up to two years.

The incident happened on May 12th when a woman called police to tell them she was using a stand-up tanning booth when she saw noticed Postmus.

“While standing naked in the room, she noticed dust falling from ceiling,” according to a police report. “[She] looked up and saw unknown male looking down on her through grated ceiling panel.”

According to court documents, Postmus admitted to watching the woman when questioned by a police officer.

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