SEE IT: Fishermen catch pregnant hammerhead shark, help deliver her babies

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VENICE, Fla. (PIX11) — A group of fishermen caught an even bigger surprise than the 12-foot hammerhead shark they reeled in.

The massive shark was pregnant, according to WPTV.

When they realized they’d caught a shark, they headed to shore to try and get the shark untangled off the line.

Once they reached the shore, they noticed the shark was injured.

“As soon as they roll it over, you can see this big hole,” Andrew Weedman, one of the fisherman told WPTV.

Then the fishermen noticed something else, the shark had been trying to give birth.

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 4.53.56 PM

Fishermen deliver hammerhead shark pups in Venice, Fla. (WPTV)

“We seen [sic] the tail, pushing out,” said Noe Campos. “They were trying to push their heads out, so I’m guessing the mom tried to give birth but didn’t have the strength to push them out.”

One by one, the fishermen pulled out 20 baby pups.

The babies swam off seemingly healthy after the delivery.

The mother did not survive due to her injuries.

Hammerhead sharks are considered endangered and fishermen should not drag them to the beach.

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