Engagement ring lost in ocean washes up 1 year later

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (PIX11) — When Courtney Vidrine lost her engagement ring in the ocean nearly a year ago, she never thought she’d see it again.

“I remember it so vividly. I told people at Tiffany’s it was June 1, 2013,” Vidrine told WJXT. “I knew everything, like every minute of what happened because it was so horrible.”

Courtney and her husband Eric were wading in the water at Jacksonville Beach when the ring fell off.

The couple desperately thrashed through the water to try and find the ring, but it was gone.

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 7.09.49 PM

An engagement ring lost at sea is returned to the owners. (WJXT)

A new engagement ring was purchased shortly after and the couple moved on with their lives.

Then just a few days ago, David Sielaff was using his metal detector in the sand, finding coins and other metals.

One of Sielaff’s finds was a ring.

After inspecting it closely, he found a serial number on it, the number placed on the ring by Tiffany & Co. when it was made.

Sielaff took the ring to the company’s Jacksonville store where he was able to track down the Vidrines.

The couple met Sielaff in person to retrieve the ring, and the reunion was caught on video.

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