Caught on camera: Armed robbers attack liquor store owner, salesman

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NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (PIX11) — A New Jersey liquor store owner and salesman were beaten and pistol-whipped by a pair of would-be robbers in a daytime attack caught on camera.

The incident happened May 5  about 11 a.m., police said Thursday.

The store’s owner believes the attack may have been a personal vendetta.

Surveillance cameras caught two men barge into the New Brunswick store at 53 Georges Road.

One runs straight for Kamy Patel, who is knocked down and pistol whipped. He manages to break lose and run to the run, where he screamed out to passersby to call 911.

Meanwhile, the second attacker handled a liquor salesman at the counter, holding a gun to his head and roughly restraining him.

After all the violence, the would-be robbers ran away empty-handed.

Patel needed staples to his head as a result of the attack, and has several scars on his lip.

One attacker is described as a Hispanic male with a stocky build and black hair. A second, taller attacker was wearing a green shirt and had a dark complexion.

Anyone with information in the case is urged to call the police.

new brunswick liquor store attack

Surveillance footage shows two armed men storm into a New Jersey liquor store, where they pistol-whipped the owner and a salesman before running away empty-handed. (Photo: New Brunswick Police Department)