Rihanna makes dancing paramedic an internet sensation after Twitter mention

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Anyone who does it, knows being an EMT could be incredibly stressful. They’re among the first who treat victims of trauma before they arrive to the hospital.

So when they’re song gets played on the radio during some down-time, it’s safe to say – they’re allowed to “turn up.”

That’s what one local EMT was captured doing on the dashcam of an ambulance.

In the YouTube video, the unidentified man managed to multi-task, vogue, drive and keep whoever was on the other side of a two-way walkie-talkie updated on the party.


Rihanna was so impressed with the EMT’s moves, she tweeted out the video to her 35.3 million followers.

“Yo 97.1 is going in right now!” he is heard saying on the video.

The dance session mysteriously surfaced on YouTube on May 6th — that’s the same day it happened according to the dashcam’s time stamp.

The song that prompted the dance party was Rihanna’s “Pour it Up.”

To the surprise of many, the pop star herself came across the video and tweeted out a link to her 35 million followers.

“This paramedic guy just reminded me why god sent me here! I can’t stop now! Not now, not nevah!!!!” she tweeted.

PIX11 made several attempts to get in touch with the dancing EMT, but phone calls weren’t immediately returned.