Inside the Brony world: Meet ‘My Little Pony’s’ unlikely fans

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — A brony is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is outside the target demographic of little girls.

“Friendship is magic,” is one message behind My Little Pony.

One that is resonating with an unlikely demographic beyond little girls.

Kirstin Cole delves into the “Brony” phenomenon with psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg.



  • Sans_Serif

    Thank you so much for a fair and balanced article! It's always nice to see a news organization that approaches subjects with an open and inquiring mindset. Great interviews and great questions from the host!

    I sent this into Equestria Daily. Expect a boatload of traffic here!

  • Texas Brony

    I'm Conservative and a follower of Christ Jesus, and I am a brony. It really is a great show, and that's the reason I like it. It's well written, it's well animated, it's well acted, and the music in it is great! I think everybody who saw the Season 4 finale of it was blown away by that fight scene, too (this show has really good action when it calls for an action scene).

    It's not for everybody, but I think the kind of messages that this show promotes is a good thing. Brony on.

  • David

    It's a fantastic show! In response to the one host wondering if it's a "fetish" thing…. NO. Not for the majority of us. There is a dark side to everything of course, but it's the Internet. I don't condone or go to the dark places of the Internet. I didn't have many friends before I discovered the brony community, now I've met friends from all over the world. This is a GREAT thing.

    • AppleboxBill

      Great comment David. I agree that as with anything there can be an off-putting element but I have found the vast majority of fans to be really good people with kind hearts and wonderful spirits.

  • Ian Ballinger

    This is a show that promotes love, honesty, generosity, kindness, loyalty, laughter, friendship, even among those you may disagree with, and personal responsibility . . . messages you don't here much on TV anymore. I love the show, and I've made a lot of friends through the brony community.

    There's a documentary called "A Brony Tale" which was directed by a friend of mine that just came out of the Tribeca and DOXA film festivals. It's been getting really positive reception, and it's hitting theatres in North America this July.
    Here's a trailer for it:

  • Bill Crumlic

    This was really nice to watch. I started to get a bit upset when the moderator was questioning the motives of the grown men who like it but the guests really made great points and the moderator ended up being very nice about it all. As a former television news assignment editor I appreciate the nice job the station did with this. THANK YOU PIX 11!

  • Scienceandpony

    Why do so many news reports still, this many years in, play the theme song from the wrong show and show the old G1 ponies. I would think you would have to try to mess that up. At least it showed correct images later in, but for the record, Bronies like post 2010 reboot, not the show from the 80's.

  • Paulicus

    Very nice piece. It came off positive and honest, if a little strongly emphasizing the hardcore fans.

    To the moderator: 'fetish' is probably not the word you're looking for. Maybe 'obsessive?' I'll echo the other comments that there are dark sides to any fandom (Star Wars and Simpsons included), as well as 'obsessive' fans, but there are plenty of moderates who just enjoy the show and not much more. That said, your gut reaction is understandable and normal. It can be unsettling to see grown men with pony toys, but you came off as respectful and curious. As long as one doesn't devolve into the aggressive hate you see around the internet, we can all get along.

    After all, friendship is magic (You see what I did there? Haha.. ok I'll stop.)

  • Stoned_Pony

    Nice to hear a news bit actually talk a little about the artistic aspect of the fandom. Wish she went into it more though, fan vids and fics are what made me a brony!

  • Jess

    Nice bit of news. It is a show that preaches good values and also has top notch writing as well as animation. If you watch it you are certain to find at least one character you can relate to in both their virtues and flaws. You have a hard time finding that combination in a show these days. As for Bronies I ended up in a new town, new job and quite suddenly a new ex wife. The community really took the whole friendship thing to heart and welcomed me at a time when I was all alone. For that I will always be thankful to them and the show.

  • Ravenwolf Foxtrack

    The show makes me smile, makes me feel happy, and entertains me. It is a nice relief from the bombardment of hate, anger, violence, and back stabbing you see and hear in so much media these days, because such things is what is being sold to us, and after a while, people need a break from it, and can find something genuine with My Little Pony: Friendship Is magic.

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