Rockaway Beach hostel angers residents with ‘gangster’ marketing approach

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ROCKAWAY BEACH (PIX11) –Danny Ruscillo is furious.

“Bad joke? I’m sorry that is not a joke. That is insulting,” said Ruscillo, the president of the 100th Precinct Community Council in the area of Rockaway Beach.

Ruscillo has never seen anything like what he saw online about the Hostile Hostel in Rockaway Beach.  The crime-oriented marketing plan was created by the operator of the hostel, Laura Jones. where according to DNA Info., she labeled some of the rooms online as quote; “The Whore House,” “The Wife Beater Bungalow,” and “The Gang Violence Bungalow.”

Hostile Hostel

The Hostile Hostel in Rockaway Beach is ruffling new feathers with its advertisements for the “most gangster digs.”

“How do you get names like this?  Where did this come from?  This is outrageous. The community don’t need this.  This is not a nice thing to do and if anybody finds it to be funny, we don’t,” said an agitated Ruscillo to PIX 11 News on Thursday.


The owner of the Hostile Hostel claims the controversial approach is simply a marketing technique.

Ruscillo wasn’t alone in his criticism.  Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder was speechless when he heard about the way the blue compound on Beach 88th was being portrayed online, “You have to have respect for the neighborhood that you’re moving into and when you come up with names that are downright insulting and offensive to so many people who have worked hard to change the image of Rockaway, it’s unacceptable.”

As for the property owner Tim Hickey?  He was disgusted after PIX 11 News broke the news to him.  The father of three little girls had no concept as to how his tenant was portraying his building as well as his neighborhood, “When she gets here I’m going to talk to her myself,” said Hickey.

A few hours later, Jones connected with PIX 11 News and offered up the following, “Yes it was a bad joke.  It was in poor taste and I sincerely apologize for offending anyone if I did.”



  • Sam

    Ah, leave her alone. She was just trying to be cool. Trying a little too hard. Poseur hipster.. Typical.

  • protective mama

    She claims that SHE opened a hostel in Puerto Rico. She did partner with my daughter in PR. But it all went wrong. Laura was not a very loyal business partner and left the hostel in PR by leaving it with significant property damage. She filled the drains with rice and then filled them with water; she took all the linens, towels, small appliances etc and sold them to a local thrift store; she sliced the hoses and damaged the plants around the house. Laura stole my daughter's credit card information and took money from her Pay-pal account. If you do stay as a guest, I certainly wouldn't give her my credit card information.

  • Beware

    This girl, Laura, is a total scammer! She is known for stealing and ripping people off. A thief and horrible human being. Horrible business ethics and character. I feel bad for this new community and landlord. He should call her last landlord and hear what she did to the property..
    After getting caught stealing she went crazy and threw bleach on all the plants, stole all the art work in the house, pulled out the cable cords, poured rice down the drain, and more. Someone needs to warn him!!

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