Searching for Stolzberg: Howard tries to get man’s $50K deposit on house back

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — I’ve been looking for Aryeh Stolzberg for a long time now. He’s ducking me. Worse, he’s ducking Luis Cordova.

Luis is a hardworking guy who gave Stolzberg a $50,000 deposit to buy a beaten up house on Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn. The contract specified he could get the money back if he was unable to get a mortgage. He couldn’t get one. But Stolzberg won’t return the money despite making a couple of promises to do so by specific deadlines.

Luis’s son John spoke for him when we did an interview last year. He expressed his dad’s outrage at Stolzberg.

”He makes up lies, saying he’s going to give back the money in six months. And he’s going to work on the house and everything. But it’s still in the same dilapidated state.”

I went to Stolzberg’s home. His wife said he didn’t live there. But the name was on the mailbox.

Searching for Stolzberg: Howard tries to get man’s $50K deposit on house back

I sought some help from State Senator Simcha Felder’s office. But Stolzberg didn’t honor pledges he made to Felder’s people either.

I called him and left a voice message. I haven’t heard back.

The only person who did speak was Stolzberg’s new attorney, Alexander Singer. He claims the dispute is now being litigated and Stolzberg has his own counterclaims against Luis.

We’ll see. But I’m suspicious of guys who hide and won’t speak up for themselves.

We’re going to keep looking for Aryeh Stolzberg. He lives in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn.

If you see him, tell him to give me a call. Better yet, tell him to give Luis his $50,000 back.

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