Tour Grand Central’s secret underground tunnels, see FDR’s train, and hear about sabotage plot during the 1940s

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front car

Legend has it this is the train President Franklin D. Roosevelt used to visit New York.

There are parts of Grand Central Terminal you never get to see. The room with the electric breakers and the button that can shut down part of the system. It’s the same room that was the target of a sabotage plot in the 1940s, if you believe the legends. There’s the abandoned rail car at the end of the line in a dark section of the yard. It is said the car brought President Franklin D. Roosevelt to New York City. A secret elevator, reportedly, would then carry him from the tracks to the Waldorf Astoria, which was located directly above.

Recently, the MTA is spending billions to bring the Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Terminal. Crews are building a terminal-sized facility underneath Grand Central.

See for yourself.

MORE: Metro-North’s Dan Brucker talks about the sabotage plot that surfaced during World War II focused on a secret room 10 stories below Grand Central Terminal.

MORE: Metro-North’s Dan Brucker talks about the abandoned train under Grand Central that carried FDR.