MTA driver caught on camera TEXTING while driving bus

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — An MTA bus driver is in some hot water after being caught texting while driving.

According to the Staten Island Advance, a reader sent video she shot on an X22A express bus from Manhattan to Staten Island this week.

The woman said she confronted the driver about his texting, but he didn’t respond.

MTA bus driver caught on camera texting while driving

The MTA says the driver has been suspended for 20 days.

The woman said the texting began around the Lincoln Tunnel and continued for most of the trip.

The MTA said they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to texting while driving.

The bus driver, who has been on the job since 1993, has been suspended for 20 days.



  • Rat Rat Rat Rat

    Wow what a scumbag RAT you are. If you really felt that unsafe you can politely ask the driver to stop. But you try and get the guy fired??? How do you know he wasnt texting his wife about something important like his kids? Still shouldnt be texting but what a scumbag you are. Enjoy riding a bus the rest of your life.

  • snitch snitch snitch snitch

    Seriously. . There are bigger things to worry unemployment. Which u just contributed to. Did u think about his family? Bird.

  • Jerry

    For all of you that have so much criticism about the the MTA driver….Professional drivers that drive commercial vehicles everyday, while the rest of yous are sitting on your ass’ in front of a screen, we can multi task a hell of a lot better than YOU NON-COMMERCIAL drivers…..That law was passed for all the numbs hits who are in there own little world and totally clueless behind the wheel who can’t multi-task….Hence why I retired very early from the MTA because of dealing with all the morons who can’t drive a car let alone have a hard time walking & chewing gum at the same time….Or better yet how many of yous and I’ve seen it first hand, that you average daily dumb ass is on the phone and so in their own little world that I had to avoid them ignoring the Don’t Walk Sign or they would’ve walked right into my bus….You people have no idea the daily bullshit that a commercial driver has to deal with let alone whining cry baby passengers that have no life and want to call and complain about every little thing….It’s all fine and great when we get yous home 20-40 minutes early, but the minute it something happens yous all forget the good the driver did….MTA Bus drivers are no different than Sanitation workers with picking up New York trash except bus drivers trash has a voice….that’s the only difference…..This is one of the times when I’m ashamed to be called a New Yorker….It’s the rest of you whining Liberals that screw it up for everyone else….But I truly believe in Karma, and what goes around, comes around…..Hope your happy to the Snitch that has no life and messing with gentleman’s lively hood and family….Great Job, Be Proud, Loser!!!!!

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