Convicted car thief steals ANOTHER car to get to court

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Authorities say Knight used a stolen car to drive to court to answer to auto theft charges.

SAN FRANSISCO, Calif. (PIX11) — Old habits die hard.

A convicted car thief was thrown behind bars again when he allegedly stole ANOTHER car to get to court to answer to more auto theft charges.

According to the San Fransisco Gate, Timothy Frederick Knight was arrested on Feb. 15 on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle.

Knight was released on bond and ordered back to court on April 3.

According to authorities, Knight had no way to get to court, so he stole a Honda Accord in Daly City the day before his court hearing.

The Vehicle Theft Task Force placed a tracker on the car after finding it parked on a random street.

As expected, Knight drove the stolen car to court.

After the proceedings, Knight boldly drove the stolen car away. He was promptly arrested.

Knight is being held on $165,000 bail.



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