Yonkers mudslide worries residents, slows Metro-North commute

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YONKERS (PIX11) — The sunny and clear day Thursday did not quell worries for residents near a Yonkers mudslide.

The mudslide resulted in a retaining wall on Warburton Avenue to give out.

George Riggs said he is concerned for safety of his building as he looks out his building, even though management assured residents that the building was stable because it is on a separate foundation than the retaining wall that collapsed.

“There’s no way you can feel safe looking out the window there at that retaining wall,” Riggs said. “If it keeps on moving, moving, moving, then it will be at the building.”

Yonkers mudslide knocks down retaining wall, slows Metro-North commute

The mudslide knocked down a retaining wall next to Metro-North tracks.

Debris from the slide covered one track, slowing down Metro North’s Hudson line commute.

But neighbors like Nathaniel Williams said what happened likely could have been prevented if cracks in the parking lot were taken seriously and looked at.

“If you fix things when they break, then you don’t have a major problem,” Williams said. “It starts out small and then it increases.”

Metro-North commutes were delayed by 30 minutes on the Hudson line in all directions Thursday.


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