Family says vet lied about euthanizing pet dog, kept it in cage for blood transfusions

Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-30 18:04:09-04

Other veterinarians said that Sid didn’t need to be euthanized in the first place. (Photo: NBC Fort Worth)

FORT WORTH, Texas (PIX11) — A Texas family says a vet lied about euthanizing their beloved pet dog, and instead kept the animal locked in a cage and used it for blood transfusions.

Jamie and Marian Harris said they took their five-year-old dog named Sid to the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in Fort Worth last year to be treated for a minor gland issue, according to NBC Fort Worth.

Sid began having trouble walking after the procedure, and the veterinarian advised the family to put him to sleep.

The vet assured them that Sid would be buried on a farm.

Six months later, Mary Brewer, a vet technician at the clinic, called the couple, telling them Sid was still very much alive.

The vet tech said Sid had been kept in a cage, “surrounded by his urine and feces,” and was being used for blood transfusions.

“It was like getting punched in the stomach and them some,” Marian told the station.

When they went to pick Sid up, not only could he walk, he jumped into the back of their car.

Other veterinarians that have been treating Sid for mange said the dog had been “abusively kenneled” and he didn’t need to be euthanized in the first place.

Authorities are now investigating the clinic, and several animals have been seized from the property.

“I’m happy that something can be done and that people are listening, and that they can’t get away with it no more,” Brewer said.