Mother admits to kidnapping son from hospital over care

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Bret Bohn’s father, Glen Bohn, left, and his mother, Lorraine Phillips, says they know what is best for their son. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

SEATLLE – The mother of a 27-year-old man suffering from a severe brain infection was arrested after allegedly kidnapping him from the hospital, hoping to remove him from psychoactive drugs and allow him to “die in her arms,” court documents show.

Lorraine Phillips, an Alaska native, was taken into custody Saturday at a Seattle medical clinic where she brought her son to be evaluated. She admitted Monday to breaking her son out of the hospital and defended her decision.

“I did what any mother would have done. We love our son. It’s just been a nightmare going on seven months now,” Phillips told PIX11 News sister station Q13FOX.

It all started in early October in Anchorage, Alaska, after Bret Bohn started having a hard time sleeping. He recently had been prescribed Prednisone after undergoing nasal polyps’ surgery.

The 27-year-old had a seizure at home, his father Glen Bohn said. When they brought him to the hospital, he had three more seizures.

His parents said they didn’t agree with the treatment he was receiving at the hospital.

“For two and half months, they more or less experimented on him and gave him different types of drugs. He was in this frozen state,” his father said. “We love him and trust that we know what he would want and this is something he wouldn’t want.”

In January, a judge in Alaska appointed a state guardian for Bret. His parents were prevented from seeing their son after court records allege Lorraine said she “would rather Bret die in my arms than have any more drugs” and that she “hopes he kills himself, then he won’t be in an institution.”

Documents allege Lorraine also said she “should have shot him while she had the chance.”

“The only thing I did say in court is that I would have to make funeral arrangements for him. The rest is hearsay and there have been a lot of allegations against me,” said Lorraine Phillips.

In late March, Bret developed a brain infection and doctors transferred him to Harborview. Last Tuesday, his parents say Bret was scheduled for an electroshock treatment they wanted to prevent. The couple is accused of shoving a hospital aide and wheeling their son out of the building.

“Bret said he wanted to leave the hospital, he was crying,” Lorraine said.

The 27-year-old parents aren’t allowed in the hospital, and can’t get any updates on their son, but plan to stay in Seattle for now. Lorraine Phillips will be in court on a kidnapping charge on Wednesday

“It’s truly been a nightmare and I don’t wish this on any family,” Lorraine Phillips said.

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  • Alice

    I sincerely appreciate the update to this story that Fox news did with this new story reflecting the perspective from the parents. Still, I would like to comment with much the same information that I did, earlier, with the hope that people will take a little closer look at this serious issue that’s much larger than just this one family’s ordeal. I also am holding out a hope that Fox news will also investigate it further in looking at the many aspects of this case in how it relates to all of us.

    In the case of this son, and young man, Bret Bohn, there’s much more to the story. Please see: “Hospital Takes Custody Of Parents’ Son, Deny Them The Right To Visit Him”

    In looking at all the comparable stories across the country with hospitals literally kidnapping, older people, children and adults, it makes for a very serious story of a type of greed driven tyranny that’s taking place in our country. Please see the following investigative news article about the grant money to be had with these teaching hospitals for the number of guinea pigs they’re able to kidnap and experiment on:

    “What We Found in a Boston Children’s Hospital Policy Manual About Research on ‘Wards of the State’”

    These parents of, Bret, are in good company with doctors across the nation sounding the warning bell on the dangers of these psychotropic drugs that are being dished out to people. Please make note, there’s plenty of advertising dollars at stake for news media should they cover this part of the story, so it’s no surprise that people aren’t hearing about it. Please see: “Dr. Peter Breggin's Testimony at Veterans Affairs Committee On "Antidepressant-Induced Suicide, Violence and Mania: Implications for the Military"… also, please see:

    The even bigger and more serious side of this story is how these state sanctioned kidnappings are happening across the country. In some cases, gag orders are put on family members so they can’t speak out and tell the public what’s happened to them. (Reminds me of criminal kidnappers where they warn you not to tell the police… just pay the ransom) Thankfully, one father, of Justina Pelletier, spoke out even though the family had gag order placed upon them or we wouldn’t have heard about this case, either. Makes me wonder how many are happening out there where people are afraid to speak out, so we don’t hear anything about them. The following is reported from this story “A medical collision with a child in the middle”

    “It happens often enough that the pediatrician who until recently ran the child protection teams at both Children’s and Massachusetts General Hospital said she and others in her field have a name for this aggressive legal-medical maneuver. They call it a “parent-ectomy.””

    People need to read the book, “The Nazi Doctors” by Jay Lifton and ask ourselves, are we so different than during that place and time?

    “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.” Lord Acton

    Are doctors to be treated as gods, for the state? Are they not subject to all the vices common to all men, such as, vanity, pride, avarice, arrogance, ambition, or, lust for power? To treat them as ‘gods’ along with the ‘state’ as being a ‘god’ is a very dangerous place to be in our country and makes a farce out of our freedom. I don’t mean to disparage all doctors. My point that I’m making is that they are men and women and common to the same vices that are common to all mankind.

    Please keep in mind that the boot that you’re defending standing upon another person’s neck will move on to your neck, next.

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