Woman accused of taking kids says charges are ‘a big misunderstanding’

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BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A woman accused of trying to take two young children from a Brooklyn home is saying the charges are a big misunderstanding.

Keren Cohen, the Borough Park woman accused of doing the backyard taking two four-year-old cousins was released on bond Sunday night.

The cousins, a boy and a girl who were visiting family from out of the country, were found safe Saturday afternoon by Borough Park Shomrim, organization volunteer patrol Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.


Marc Katz, a supervisor who was there when the children were found praise the nearly 100 volunteers who broke the tradition of resting on the Sabbath to try to find the children.

Meanwhile, a friend of Cohen, who was at her arraignment Sunday night said the woman was not trying to harm the children but was simply trying to take them to the park. He said Cohen is from Israel and did not realize doing so would be perceived as a threat