Valerie Harper sued for $2 million by playwright for not saying her cancer returned

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Valerie Harper is being sued for not informing Matthew Lombardo that her cancer returned. (Getty Images)

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Valerie Harper is being sued by Matthew Lombardo for not informing him that her cancer had returned, TMZ is reporting.

Playwright Matthew Lombardo and the producers of his Broadway show “Looped” are suing the actress claiming she intentionally failed to notify them in 2012 when her cancer had returned.

Harper was in rehearsals for the show when she was diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread into fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain.

Lombardo claims that Harper failed to tell them that her lung cancer had spread to her brain so she could keep her job.

Harper was said to have dropped out of the Broadway production the same month of her diagnosis, leaving the producers with no replacement, the Daily News reports.

At the time of the diagnosis, Harper was given just months to live by doctors.

The lawsuit states the production lost in excess of $500,000 due to having to replace Harper on such short notice.

Producers added an additional $1.5 million to the lawsuit because of Harper’s misdeeds.


  • guest

    Wow who is the moronic lawyer that filed this lawsuit? Ever hear of the of the Americans with Disabilities Act? She doesn't have to tell and you can't ask! Now let's see who pays out the millions.

  • Jes

    Seriously…..who does this? Because it's not bad enough that she has FATAL CANCER. I'm sure it was her goal to put YOU out, you brain dead, egotistical idiot. How about, "I'm so sorry to hear that you have cancer, and that in months, you will be dead" Not, you made me lose millions!! Tantrum, tantrum, tantrum. What a d bag.

  • Tami Dickerson

    Due to HIPAA laws, they had no right to know her medical issues; any health issues whatsoever are considered to be the private business of the individual. I presume that she probably thought the cancer treatments would work better than they did (thus she wouldn't need to tell them her private business). Here in the United States, a person has no obligation to reveal ANY of his or her medical situations to ANY employer. Period. Unless some special info comes out of this, I foresee this dude getting a beat down in court over this.

  • 04redsoxfan

    First of all as others have already mentioned, HIPA Act protects her from having to disclose a damn thing. Secondly, what sort of half-assery is going on that you cast a lead role and not an understudy?!! Seriously, how in the hell did you become a producer of anything on or off Broadway and not cast an understudy for any role let alone not be prepared to replace someone on a minutes notice?!!
    For trying to sue someone such as Ms Harper for not disclosing her terminal cancer, you are a utter and complete moron, for adding and extra 1.5 million, there is a special place in hell for selfish bastards such as yourself Mr Lombardo. Douchebag.

  • KiminTexas

    Failing to properly plan for illness of a cast member is not Ms Harper's problem or responsibility. Grow up and accept responsibility for actions or in this case in-actions. This woman is fighting for her life and/or enjoying whatever time she has left. I hope this person never has to face a deadly illness for himself or a loved one that interferes in someone else's plan for them.

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