Man broke out of prison to ‘escape loud rap music’

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Stevens’ received 10 more months on top of his sentence for his rap induced escape.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, U.K. (PIX11) — A British man that broke out of prison told authorities he did it to “escape the loud rap music” constantly being played by other inmates.

58-year-old Robert Stevens, who is serving a six and a half year sentence for robbery, jumped over a wall of the HMP Leyhill prison last month.

Stevens spent 20 days on the lam before he was apprehended.

The man’s lawyer told a judge, “he was in a very noisy wing where rap music was being played day and night.” The lawyer also claims that Stevens was constantly being asked to buy drugs.

“Stevens has apologized for his behavior. It was an impulsive act on his part,” the lawyer said.

Despite the lawyer’s pleas and “compelling” argument, a judge tacked 10 more months onto Stevens’ sentence.

“The reason for your escape has been explained to me as your unhappiness at people who were with you in prison,” the judge said. “I’m afraid that’s one of the prices people pay if they commit crimes and go to prison.”


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