Questions linger and family mourns after a 9-year-old honor student plummets 40 stories to his death

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THE BRONX (PIX11) — As a grieving family mourns the suspicious death of their nine year-old son, a key question lingers: how did Sidy Fofana end up on the roof of the tallest building in the Bronx, from which he apparently fell, when it was supposed to be securely locked and fitted with an alarm system?

Fofana’s mother, Sanata Diakite, told PIX11 News that she’d been home with her son Wednesday afternoon when he told her he would go upstairs from their 4th floor apartment to the top floor, the 43rd, in order to take food to his uncle, who lives there.


The little boy was found dead on the building’s scaffolding at about 5 p.m Wednesday.

Sidy never made it back home. Instead, his body was found 40 floors below the roof of 20 Richman Plaza, on scaffolding. In his family’s living room on Thursday, his mother read a letter Sidy had sent her recently to help her through her nursing school exams. Ironically, now that the fourth grade straight-A student has died, the words apply hauntingly to the mother’s current situation.

“When adversity strikes, you have to be strong,” she read from the letter. “I believe in you, Mommy,” the boy had written in blue pencil. “I’m going to help you by being good at school.” Diakite had to stop reading there because she had become overwhelmed with tears.

Family waits for answers after 9-year-old falls 40 floors to his death from Bronx apartment building

Sidey’s grieving family is demanding questions as to how the little boy fell 40 floors from the Bronx apartment tower.

She said that the only person who had spoken with her about the circumstances surrounding her son’s death was the lead NYPD detective on the case. He had knocked on her door Wednesday evening around 6:30, two hours after her son had left the apartment.

“They showed me a picture [of him]” from her family’s collection of photos, to confirm that he was her son, she said. Then, the detectives went back to the scene of the fall. Sometime later, Diakite said, “They came back and show me the body of my son on [the detective’s] camera.” She positively identified the body of her son, who had apparently fallen from the roof.

“If he can get on the roof,” said a lifelong friend of Sidy’s, Imanji Crawford, 13, “What kind of security is this?”

Sidy Fofana’s mother and his father, Gaossou Fofana, are asking the same question, as well as many others, for which they say they have gotten no information.

“They did not tell me anything,” said Diakite. “They just tell me he’s… on the scaffold. How’d he get there?”

The Reliant Company operates the four building complex in which Sidy Fofana’s family lives. The company’s president told PIX11 News that the company would issue a statement regarding Fofana’s death. Currently, no statement has been received.

Results from an autopsy by the city’s medical examiner are pending.



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