Dozens of dead cats found hanging from trees in Yonkers [DISTURBING IMAGES]

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YONKERS, N.Y. (PIX11) — This was never supposed to be a pet cemetery.

But that’s exactly how someone used this empty lot on Overlook Terrace in Yonkers.

“Workers from Yonkers DPW, they were doing a cleanup in the lot behind us, and during the cleanup, they discovered several deceased cats,” said Ernest Lungaro of the Westchester SPCA.


Sanitation workers cleaning the woods found 20-30 dead cats hanging from trees. (Photo: SPCA)

“What was really unusual is the cats were placed in plastic bags. When we responded we found at least thirty bags, and there were still about twenty five deceased cats placed in those plastic bags.”


The cats were in various states of decomposition. (Photo: SPCA)

What we did notice here Thursday evening is there are stray cats everywhere and they aren’t shy.

Why someone would kill thirty felines, bag them, and hang them from tree branches is not clear.

Lungaro says it appeared only some of the cats were recently left in the abandoned lot.

“We’re doing necropsies. We did remove some of them to a vet. We want to determine what the cause of death was,” Lungaro said.

“Some of them were within the last few days, and some of them were up to a year old, where there was nothing but bones left over.”


  • Iris

    Horrible!!!. Harsher laws and penalties must be in place to prevent such demented, babaric,sick acts against the defenseless, voiceless, and vulnerable. I hope the sicko scum gets caught!

  • Joe

    Just remember that animal cruelty is a step away from serial country. Most of the cases are kids 14 – 20 beginning to experiment in torture. If they find a commonality in the method of kills the would be looking for an individual, they should also check reports of voyeurism in the area as well.

  • Howard

    They need to find this person or persons and hang them just like they did to those poor cats. These poor cats could never do anything to deserve this. Better yet, give me 2 minutes in a room alone with these people. I'll solve this problem real quick!

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