Animal rights activists protest outside Liam Neeson’s home over horse-drawn carriages

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UPPER WEST SIDE (PIX11) – Animal rights activists lined up outside actor Liam Neeson’s upper west side condo Saturday,  protesting his support of the carriage horse industry.

“Liam Neeson is up on his high horse accepting animal abuse and we don’t think that’s acceptable,” said Allie Feldman, executive director of NYCLASS.

The movie star is caught up in the heated debate between those who argue it’s inhumane and unsafe to have horses working in city traffic, and owners who tout a good safety record.  Neeson recently gave a tour of one of the stables  to show city council members and reporters how well they’re cared for.

Horse protest

“Liam Neeson came out on his own.  We didn’t court him,” said Stephen Malone, spokesman for the Horse and Carriage Association.  “He put his name on the line, at a peak time for him, knowing it was going to bring these type of protests.  He did it anyway.”

The old fashioned looking electric car advocates hope will replace carriages was unveiled on Thursday at the New York International Auto Show.

They won’t make their way onto the streets around the park until legislation banning the carriage horses is passed.


  • yourbigapple

    The police ride their horses for crowd control as well as maylas. If the horse and buggy goes the horse back police must go.

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  • joea1385

    do u people realize no one wants these horses. they will be shipped out to the slaughter house and made into dog food

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