Drastic difference: ‘Human Barbie’ takes selfies without makeup

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Human Barbie 1

The “Human Barbie” — wearing makeup in this photo — claims that race mixing is the reason behind the rise of plastic surgery. (Photo: Instagram)

A model from Ukraine who considers herself a human Barbie has received widespread notoriety for her plastic-perfect looks.

But this week, Valeria Lukyanova gave her followers — and critics — a look behind the makeup that helps create her unreal, signature look.

The “human Barbie” has gotten feedback from all over the world for her lifestyle, and widespread criticism recently after saying that “race-mixing”  is behind a rise in plastic surgery.

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She’s had several procedures as part of her transformation into a living, breathing Barbie Doll, and made a recent announcement that she wants to live without having to eat or drink.

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Until now, most photos that Valeria has posted show her with a large amount of makeup. See her newest, “au naturale” selfie below:



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