Kansas shooting sparks heightened security in NYC during Passover

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The deadly scene that played out on Sunday just outside of Kansas City at two facilities with ties to the Jewish community is one that immediately put synagogues across the nation on alert.

“Obviously it’s such a terrible tragedy, the loss of life and the fact that such hatred and bigotry still exists in this country, said Rabbi Joshua Davidson of Temple Emanu-El.

One of the most well known Jewish leaders in the nation told PIX11 News on Monday that the Upper East Side temple located along Fifth Avenue beefed up its security presence as a result of the Kansas shooting, “Our security is generally pretty tight, but today it is obviously a little more so.”

Various temples and synagogues around the tri-state area have been the targets of hate crimes in years past.

NYPD ramping up security for Passover after deadly shooting at Kansas temple

The NYPD says they usually increase security at houses of worship during Jewish holidays.

Manny Gomez, a former member of the NYPD as well as the FBI and the President of MG Security Services has seen a few of those cases. Gomez says that the biggest concern for law enforcement in the aftermath of a Sunday’s tragedy is the potential of someone wanting to recreate the crime elsewhere, “You have the lone wolf out there that did this, the concern is will there be a copy cat.”

The NYPD has a tradition of bolstering security around Jewish holidays according to Gomez, but in response to Sunday’s shooting it will once again be an effort that not only takes place on the streets but also online.

“The police are going to take a two-prong approach. One is a physical deterrent, put boots on the ground, uniformed police officers, marked cars to show that we’re not going to take that nonsense,” he said.

“Two is intelligence, scurry the internet, social media. It’s amazing what people put on twitter and on Facebook and on other social media on what they are planning on doing, what they think or what they’re actually going to do,” Gomez continued.

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