Facebook fight leads to brutal assault of teens, baby [VIDEO]

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Three teenagers and a toddler were taken to the hospital after the fight. (FOX8)

AKRON, Ohio (PIX11/FOX8) — A dispute between a group of girls that started on Facebook ended with a huge fight that was caught on camera.

Three teenagers and a toddler were taken to the hospital and four teens were taken to jail.

Warning: Some of the video is violent

“She just grabbed me by my hair, started punching me, broke my phone and kicked me and stuff, and she got off me and another girl came to me and she started doing the same thing,” Dominique Hayden told FOX8.

The 13-year-old had to spend the night in the hospital following the incident.

Her twin sister, a 15-year-old friend and a 22-month-old who was being held by one of the victims also needed treatment.

The fight stemmed from a Facebook dispute. The twins say they were trying to give advice to a Facebook friend who had posted an inappropriate picture.

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A dispute that started on Facebook caught on camera. (FOX8)

Akron police said 19-year-old Rainahja Wray-Johnson drove three other teenage relatives, two 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old, to fight the girls over the posting.

Police charged all four with assault.

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