Reporter overboard: Blooper of on-camera interview gone wrong

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(PIX11) – A Dutch interviewer is making a splash across the web with a purported blooper of her tumbling off a boat while talking to a city official on camera.

The 31-second video starts with the reporter walking toward the camera then meeting a man near an open gate on the boat deck. She leans over to grab a cable then falls sideways into the water below.

Her colleague leans a long boom mic over the side of the boat, but before she can reach it, someone tosses a more practical tool into the water: a life preserver.

The reporter – identified by Gawker as Martje Oesterholt – tweeted that the video is “a little bit fake” and part of a promotion for Sail Kampen, an Easter festival in the Netherlands. Oesterholt Twitter profile notes that she is in marketing.

But as with much Internet fodder, the video – regardless of its intention – had garnered more than 2.5 million views as of Friday morning.

Watch the “blooper,” above.

dutch reporter blooper

A still from a now-viral video showing an interviewer tumbling off the side of a boat while talking to a city official. (Photo: Martje via YouTube)

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