It’s a “G” Thing: Mugi Pottery teaches old art to new generation

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UPPER WEST SIDE (PIX11) — Mr. G stops by Mugi Pottery on the Upper West Side to get a lesson in an ancient art form.

This studio offers classes for kids, adults, couples, beginners, and hosts corporate events and birthday parties.

Classes run in 6-or 8-week sessions.

The next session for kids starts on April 29th.

The next session for adults starts on April 28th.

Making pottery might look easy, but it’s actually quite difficult.

“It’s takes a lot of stamina,” Outi Putkonen, co-owner of Mugi, said. “You have to have a lot of core strength to control the wheel.”

There are several steps to creating your pottery masterpiece:

  1. Wedging,  prepares it for the wheel.
  2. The Potter’s Wheel, this is where you form the clay into what you want to create
  3. Centering, ensures the product is balanced
  4. Bisque firing, hardens the clay
  5. Glazing, the way you add color or designs
  6. Glaze firing, back into the kiln to be dried

Now it’s smooth and shiny and can be taken home



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