After 101 years at sea, message in a bottle given to sender’s granddaughter

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A postcard stored inside a bottle was delivered to the author’s granddaughter after it drifted a sea for more than 101 years. (International Maritime Museum).

GERMANY (PIX11)– A postcard  inside a beer bottle from 101 years ago was given to the sender’s granddaughter after it was discovered nearly a month ago.

Angela Erdmann, 62, was tracked down in Berlin after a fisherman found a Kiel bottle — that he almost threw away — with a postcard dated May 17, 1913.  The fisherman discovered the brown bottle in the Baltic Sea near the city of Kiel in March, according to Holger von Neuhoff, of the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg.  Erdmann visited the museum on April 7 and was able to hold the brown bottle once held by her believed maternal grandfather.

“It was almost unbelievable,” Erdmann told the German news agency DPA.

German news source says the Danish note, written by a man named Richard Platz, had two German stamps on it and a message telling the finder to send to his Berlin address.  Von Neuhoff added that most of the ink on the postcard was illegible with time and dampness.

After the museum displays the fascinating discovery until May 1,  experts will try deciphering the rest of the message.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this drift bottle will bypass the original record holder that was found in the United Kingdom after spending nearly 98 years at sea.

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