5 phrases parents should never say to kids

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Parents often use common expressions to teach their children life lessons, but an expert said some of the phrases could be doing more harm than good.

Parents Magazine senior editor David Sparrow explains to PIX11 News what parents should never tell their kids, and what words they should try using more often.

  • DON’T: “Great job.”
  • DO: Save the kudos for when they’re deserved, and be specific in your praise.
  • DON’T: “Practice makes perfect.”
  • DO: Avoid the idea of perfection. Encourage children to work hard because they’ll be able to see their improvement and feel proud of it.
  • DON’T: “Hurry up!”
  • DO: Soften your approach by saying, “Let’s hurry,” to show you’re a team. And if that doesn’t work, turn getting ready into a game.
  • DON’T: “We can’t afford that.”
  • DO: Explain that you’re saving your money for more important things.
  • DON’T: “Don’t talk to strangers.”
  • DO: Instead of focusing on stranger danger, talk about specific scenarios and explain what to do.

Read the entire list published by Parents Magazine by clicking here.

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Even the best intentioned parents can say the wrong thing, a parenting expert says. (Photo: PIX11)


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