Nursing home allegedly hired stripper for 85-year-old grandmother

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EAST BABYLON, LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — A Long Island nursing home is accused of hiring a stripper to dance for its senior residents, including an 85-year-old grandmother whose son is suing the facility over the “vile” event.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed this week against the East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in  West Babylon. It alleges that employees at the nursing home hired exotic dancers.

The son of a nursing home resident claims he found a picture of a man grinding against his mother, who was seen in the picture stuffing dollar bills into the dancer’s briefs as other seniors looked and cheered on, according to the lawsuit. He said he made the shocking discovery among his mother’s belongings in January.

The 85-year-old’s son said his mother lacks the physical and mental capacity to make a decision like that for herself. When he confronted a nurse about the alleged situation, he was told that it was an entertainment event, according to the lawsuit.

Requests for comment from the nursing home in question were not returned by the time of publication.

nursing home stripper photo

The son of a Long Island nursing home resident discovered this photo of a stripper allegedly hired to dance for senior residents among his 85-year-old mother’s belongings. (Photo credit: Family)


  • JJ777

    I fail to see what's wrong with this. So these elderly ladies wanted to see some male strippers. So? This lady's grandson wants to be the moral police for her and everyone else. He said in one article that she had "been defiled" because she was always a strict Baptist. Oh, I see how it is, more Baptist moral authority coming down on "on high". Give me a break. And cry me a river…the idiot. Leave these ladies alone. I think they've lived long enough and given enough to the world to have some fun.

  • Alma

    I want to go to that home when my time comes, it's sounds like a fun place for my final years. PS the son or grandson should be ashamed, this is 2014 not 1814.

  • Pam

    Personally, morally it is wrong on many levels. Especially if the woman has mental deficiencies. Ethically I cant believe administration allowed this in their facility. A nursing home is suppose to be a safe haven for elderly and disabled people. If this can happen without family knowledge, what other things can happen to their mother. Very inappropriate and unprofessional.

    • PamIsAnIdiot

      You're a dumb bitch. How is a male stripper making the nursing home not safe for the elderly? Stop making assumptions.

  • connie king

    The woman is 84 years old. She deserves the right to have a little fun. Yes it may be immoral and unprofessional but does she look like shes in any kind of danger? Absolutely not. I wish more nursing homes were that way. The residents have rights. Look into it.

  • Joyce Jordan

    I can imagine what MY grandma would have said to that… "Young man, put your clothes BACK ON! Nobody wants to see THAT!" ;)

  • Karen Kog

    I want that nursing home for me when my time comes. What harm was done letting these people have some fun. Sounds like they were having a great time. These people get to sit and stare at each other day in and day out. Play games or whatever. Let them enjoy a little something for once. Why is he sueing. So he can have his mom live there for free? Get a life he must have been jealous.

  • Jane

    Ummmm your mom is 85 and yes she has eyes and every right in the world to watch innocent entertainment with her pals. Get over it! I am quite sure you have seen much more in your life than she has. Life is too short to bitch about sokething like this…. There is no abuse in this.

  • Billie Raines

    Let grandma live a little she raised her children right did all the things in life right. She don’t have to answer to none of them the only one she has to answer to is GOD so if that is what she wants to do go for it looks like to me fun she was having money as it goes down his brief 😍

  • maxvincent561

    How often does this son come around to check on his mother? Besides that, if the woman has her faculties, she doesn't need her son filing a lawsuit over this. While she IS 85, there are a lot of eighty-five year-olds who have their wits about them and are still sharp-minded and very sharp-witted. This son needs to mind his own business and hope that he lives as long a healthy life as his mother is,

  • Dana

    I think it’s great! let these grandma’s enjoy life a little!! I think the Son needs to lighten up and drop this lawsuit!

  • Marshall

    just another Ahole looking for a payday…Get a life dude and let your mom have some fun.I bet that the son will use his lawsuit money to visit a strip club lol

  • Caren

    If you are really worried about her well being, bring her to live at your house. Restrict her every move. And you decide what she can watch on TV, what books/magazines she can see, what she can eat, what color underwear she wears, ETC!!!!!! MORON. If she didn't want to participate, she wouldn't be putting dollar bills in his undies and she would have been crawling away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you say your mother isn't capable of deciding if she is having fun. God I hope you kids do the same to you!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    I think this is actually cool as long as the seniors that are participating are ok with it and it looks like they are lol. They are older people, they are not dead. It is extremely boring spending your time playing bingo and singing song to a piano, doing little crafts that a 3yr old could do with ease , or watching TV all day. I have spent time in a nursing home and the residents stated they were so tired of being treated like 3 yr olds. They needed extra care, but they still wanted to have fun! Wouldn't you if you were this age?

  • L A Medley

    The son is the vile person. He's put his mom in a facility to keep her protected not entertained and given something fun for a few minutes. This lady is living not dying.

  • Timothy

    Really? Why are they mad? I mean how many times have they been to a strip club. i mean they are adults not kids. Let them have a little excitement not lock them in a cage till they die. That's just my personal feelings.

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