Short on money, teen crafts a soda can prom dress

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soda can prom dress LATIMES

Brie Fainblit shows a piece she didn’t end up using for the dress, made by stitching pull tabs together with black yarn. She and boyfriend James are also attempting to make a matching vest for him to wear to the event. (Photo: Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)

PALMDALE, Calif. (Los Angeles Times) — The two-story house in the Palmdale, Calif., subdivision looks like so many others. Green lawn out front, pool out back. Solid, comfortable, secure.

Inside, a teenager does her homework by candlelight whenever the power gets cut off. If the water goes too, she fills empty bottles at school to wash her hair.

Brie Fainblit just turned 19. She is used to not having what others have. Mostly she just accepts it.

soda can prom dress la times

A prom dress crafted from soda can tabs, handmade by a California teen. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

But not for prom.

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