Woman reunites with her siblings on Instagram after 18 years

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sisters Instagram

Nia Edwards reunited with her sister Brenda (pictured), and brother Milton all thanks to social media app Instagram. (Image/WBLT)

MISSISSIPPI (PIX11) – Separated 18 years ago, a woman’s search for her sister finally ended thanks to the social networking app Instagram.

Nia Edwards, 23, was just a little girl when her family separated and she lost touch with her older sister Brenda, who is now 42.

She told WBLT she had been searching for Brenda since she was in high school, and couldn’t find her on MySpace or Facebook.  Then she left this message on an Instagram photo posted by@lovelyb72: “Hey I’m ur sister Nia Edwards I haven’t seen u since I was 4 or 5.”

After an anxious wait, the reply she had been waiting for came back, “Yes lil lady I have been looking for you, love you too do you have a phone?”

Through her sister, Nia managed to get in touch for the first time with her brother Milton Edwards, who is living in Texas.  “I haven’t seen him at all, and he’s never seen me,” Nia said.  “He spoke to his wife yesterday and he told me they are for sure coming here to see me. He says he wants to take me out to eat. We’ve been texting back and forth ever since I first called him.”

For Nia, the social media search continues, however.  She says she still has to find two other missing siblings — Candice and Maurice.

In the meantime, she’s just enjoying getting to know her siblings and telling their incredible story.

“I just see so much negative things happening in the world, I just thought, ‘why not share something positive?”



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