NYPD officer held in India as ‘obvious payback’

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – It’s been close to a month that NYPD officer Manny Encarnacion has been detained in India awaiting his trial and a possible seven-year prison sentence.

The Harlem cop says he accidentally left three bullets in the pocket of a jacket in his checked luggage when he flew to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi for vacation with his wife in March.

But Encarnacion’s ordeal is no accident.

Instead, to many, it is payback for the arrest and strip search of Devyani Khobragade, then deputy consul general, in New York over visa fraud related to her nanny.


NYPD officer Manny Encarnacion has been detained and is awaiting sentencing. 

“It just seems obvious payback,” Rep. Peter King, R-Long Island, told PIX 11. “A guard at the airport even made a comment about the strip search in New York. This is obvious retribution.”

Congressman Peter King wrote a letter to the Secretary of State asking John Kerry to intervene to bring the police officer home soon.

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Mayor de Blasio said he is “troubled” by Encarnacion’s arrest and wants to make sure he ‘a not being treated unfairly.

The police commissioner’s also concerned.

“We’re staying very engaged with that issue in Indiana, Chief Bill Bratton said. “We are certainly concerned for that officer and his wife who is with him at this time.”

The NYPD also reportedly told the judge in India that Encarnacion had been to a firing range for his firearms recertification just two days before the trip.

“This is serious for this officer,” King said. “He’s a former Marine and he shouldn’t be treated this way.”


  • Sunny

    He might be a NYPD or was a US Marine. What has it got to do with the Indian Justice System. He should have known better. US law applies only in US and not in other countries specially which are not dependent upon US for anything and have the right/might of their own. He sure is going to go to prison as he didn't obey the Indian Law. I do not think that TSA will be kind to anyone if they find bullets in their pockets

  • Jack Johnson

    Is this in reprisal for the foreign Indian diplomat being strip searh?—YES. Is this fair? When it comes to the United States being arrogant, niaive and out right stupid thinking we can go into anyone's country with any and all things and not be detained or jailed and or even executed are fooling themselves. This hate for the USA goes back to the Ronald Reagan, George Bush's Sr, Jr.; times. Many (not all ) hate all americans. Bill Clinton that had to deal with because Clinton showed them he was not stupid. They hate Obama even more because he speaks with intelligence and a soft, but firm diplomatic demeanor. Obama shows intelligence, calm and wit and it kills many foreign leaders. The point being that we need to shut down many foreigners from living here, stealing our education, job growth and living money and dedicated to strictly all americans and americans who been here at least 20 years or more. The hate these foreign hindus and more have for the USA we need to take the many we have here and send them back to their own country. As for this idiot NYPD officer Manny Encarnacion; he must thought he was white!!…LOL. Just because you are a cop, from the USA only gives you a bigger target on your back idiot!!!

  • Sunny

    Hate for USA? Ever try to do search why hate for American policies? Bottom-line is that most of the countries including India love normal folks from US. US government is a different matter all together. It would not have mattered even if this NYPD was a whitey. He would have been treated the same regardless of his color.
    Fact of like is that when you go to a different country, learn the rules otherwise be prepared to spend time in a lockup. US can bring you out of Afganistan or Iraq, but will be helpless to do anything when dealing with one of the biggest countries in the world. This Cop was a stupid and being a marine also, he didn't learn anything. Respect others if you want to be respected.

  • Jerry F

    Appalled at the slant sought to be conveyed. Why "obvious retaliation?" And why should anyone believe about what King says? Any evidence of what was said? It's assumptions, all of it. And what has his ex Marine or being a cop has to do with this? Should he deserve special treatment for carrying ammunition? In India, you can't carry firearms or ammunition? They would have arrested an Indian citizen for the same and have in the past.

    In fact, the comparison with the Indian diplomat – that this story keeps coming back to – only makes the US look bad. The congressman says he shouldn't be treated this way, well, so – what would have happened if the reverse happened and an Indian cop landed in New York with ammunition in his pockets?'

    This cop is out on bail – as far as has been reported, he wasn't strip searched or cavity searched and is not under house arrest. He just has to comply with the local laws and go forward with his trial. Is that too much for an American cop to endure for breaking the law?

  • Sunny

    To Jerry F: Thanks for putting in common sense to this debate which is going on. Wish there were more people active on the forums having more universal view of the world, not just american view. Kudos to you.

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