Court reporter writes ‘I hate my life’ repeatedly instead of taking notes

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MAR 25 1977, APR 1 1977, APR 3 1977; Court Reporter Stenotype Machine Has 24 Keys; Operator uses key

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NEW YORK (AP/PIX11) — Missing court transcripts are delaying appeals and adding to the debate over whether the state’s criminal courts should rely on digital recordings instead.

According to The New York Times stenographer Daniel Kochanski left an incomplete record of at least six trials and two dozen other proceedings. He was fired in March 2012.

According to the New York Post, instead of taking actual notes during high-profile criminal cases, Kochanski would type “I hate my job, I hate my job” over and over again.

Also, Kochanski, who apparently had developed a drinking problem, would just hit random keys, typing “gibberish.”

Kochanski’s notes from state Supreme Court in Manhattan omit two days of jury selection from a 2010 mortgage-fraud trial. Also missing are 60 pages of testimony and a closing argument from a 2009 robbery trial.

An appeals court has ordered lawyers to reconstruct the missing hearings, based on their own records. That’s delaying some appeals more than seven months.

Lawyers in the robbery case want the verdict overturned. So far, prosecutors say, no convictions have been reversed.

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