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ATM glitch spits out $37,000 to homeless man

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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (PIX11) – It’s the stuff of dreams, but one homeless man who sleeps in the vestibule of the local TD Bank watched in amazement as the ATM gave him thousands of dollars Thursday.

According to WGME, police received a call Thursday morning from a woman reporting an ATM user who was taking way too long.


The homeless man was found stuffing money into a shopping bag. (Image/WGME)

When they got there, they found the homeless man stuffing what turned out to be $37,000 into a shopping bag.

TD Bank

Police say the homeless man usually sleeps in the ATM vestibule. (Image/WGME)

Police said the man had just withdrawn $140 from his own bank account.  Somehow he figured out that by simply withdrawing more, the machine would give it to him — whether or not he had the funds — so he kept on withdrawing.

The man ended up giving back the money to TD Bank, and the bank decided not to press charges.

Because he was not charged, police would not release his name.



  • Jack Johnson

    The title on this is all wrong.The title should be homeless man gave back $37,000. The ATM spit it out. But if it were not for some stupid bitch, some jealous skank of a woman; this homeless could have gotten back on his feet. Whether he was compentent or not. Sure it was not his money, but it was not like the bank could not replace it since bank money is insured by the FEDS. Again if it were not some sorry sack of shit bitch calling the cops on him this man could had been living 1000% times better. Hope he finds that much money again somewhere. As for that bitch hope she goes bankrupt and broke…

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