Has Texas Chupacabra been caught?

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RATCLIFFE, Texas (PIX11) — A woman in Texas says she’s found the elusive Chupacabra, and has the evidence to prove it. Jackie Stock says the mythical creature, that is said to kill goats and other cattle and suck their blood, is alive. Her husband Arien Parma caught it Sunday night, KAVU-TV reports.


The alleged chupacabra is currently living at the Stock home, eating corn and cat food.

With its hairless back, large claws, countless teeth and ferocious growl, many who have seen the animal say it is a Chupacabra. Others believe it is simply a raccoon with mange. Chupacabra or not, right now this little guy is staying at the Stock household, living off a diet of cat food and corn until someone can find out what it really is.


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