Skeletal remains of twin brothers found in recliners go unnoticed for 3 years

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (PIX11) — The remains of twin brothers were found in their shared Tennessee home, and authorities believe their deaths went unnoticed since 2011.

WRCB-TV reports that badly decomposed remains of Anthony and Andrew Johnson were found over the weekend inside their Chattanooga home.

The 63-year-old men were both found sitting in recliners in their living room.


The twins were found sitting in their recliners. Family members said they couldn’t get access to the home. (Photo WRCB-TV)

Authorities say the twins’ sister attempted to check on them in August of 2011, but couldn’t get into the house.

Police were called, but wouldn’t force their way in to the home.

Neighbors say the pair had health problems, but never thought anything was amiss because their lawn was always maintained and mail was picked up.

Another family member was finally able to get a key to the home, and made the grisly discovery.

Police are investigating, but do not believe foul play is involved.


  • ace1981

    I would break into my brother’s house to check on him. Not sure how the sister took “no” as an answer.

    • Esco

      Agreed, her efforts were very weak and she gave up too early. I wonder how they both died in recliners like that, seems a bit fishy to me. Double suicide perhaps,

  • Barbara

    Who was getting their mail? I would be damned if I had not heard from my brother for more than a couple of weeks that i would not break into the house.

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