Masseuse steals client’s $35K watch, hides it in her vagina

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The Rolex Presidential can go for $35,000.

LAS VEGAS (PIX11) — A masseuse landed behind bars after cops say she stole a client’s $35,000 watch — and hid it in her vagina.

Police say 66-year-old Kenneth Herold met 25-year-old Christina LaFave at a bar in Las Vegas’ Wynn Hotel in January.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Herold invited LaFave back to his hotel room for a $300 private massage.

Herold told cops that during the massage, LaFave asked him to take off his Rolex Presidential “so she could massage his arms.”

After realizing it was missing several hours later, Herold accused LaFave of stealing the watch but she denied it.

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LaFave faces 20 years in prison if she is convicted. (Photo: Las Vegas PD)

Security came and searched the room, but the watch was nowhere to be found.

When questioned, LaFave finally admitted she had taken the watch and hidden it in her vagina.

She was taken to a local hospital to have it removed.

LaFave has been charged with  two counts of felony counts of grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Her lawyer Chris Rasmussen insists, however, that Herold gave her the watch and that police conducted an illegal search and seizure.

“The search is an unreasonable search when medical providers have to use equipment to conduct an invasive procedure to remove what police believe is evidence,” he told the paper.

“We believe he gave her the watch and later he tried to take it back when he wasn’t satisfied with her services. Like any person who works in these hotels, she believed she was going to be compensated for her massage,” he said.

LaFave faces 20 years in prison if convicted.


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