8 April Fools jokes from around the web

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Netflix jokingly added a “documentary” of a cooking rotisserie chicken on April 1, 2014.


(PIX11) — It’s that silly time of year again and several of biggest companies went all out to stand out in the annual round of digital gags.

Here are a few of the biggest names who played along:

YouTube “Reveals” Upcoming Memes

YouTube jokingly announced its grand plan to create the viral video’s you’ll be watching – and participating in – this year. Among the #newtrends: clocking, planking’s rival in which subjects stand with their arms raised to mimic the time on a clock.

“It seems really simple but every moment is scripted and storyboarded,” the meme’s fictional assistant director joked.

Also on the meme docket, according to YouTube’s: a sweet idea called Kissing Dad that shows off displays of affection for your pop.


Google+ Photobombs With David Hasselhoff

Upload your portrait to the social media platform and – voila! – you’re hanging with the Hoff.

PIX11’s friends at EyeOpener joined in on the fun:

hoff photobomb


Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

GoogleMaps jokingly called for Pokémon masters – “the world’s greatest digital explorers” – to use its apps to catch all 150 creatures found in the popular 90s-era video game.


Google Chrome Emojify’s the Web

Are you fluent in emoji? On April 1, Google Chrome will let you translate websites into the cartoon smileys beloved by the text-savvy.

google chrome emoji

For April Fool’s Day 2014, Google Chrome is letting users translate the web into emoji. (Google Chrome)


Airbnb Presents: Airbrb

The website that lets you rent out your empty apartment is toying with a new property: your work desk, vacated while you step away for a break.


Netflix’s “Steamy” Offerings

Move over, House of Cards. There’s a new Netflix original on the scene. Log into the video streaming site Monday and you can watch 75 minutes of a rotisserie chicken rotating on a squeaky spit.


Netflix jokingly added a “documentary” of a cooking rotisserie chicken on April 1, 2014.


Chili’s Ice Cream

The restaurant chain fooled followers with a new treat combining ice cream and nachos.

chili april fools

Chili’s jokingly revealed a cheesy, spicy ice cream concoction on April Fools Day 2014.


Rainy week in NYC?

Even PIX11 jumped into the April Fools action. A weather producer had a little fun with the 7-day forecast, much to the surprise of PIX11 weather anchor Linda Church.

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