SEE IT: ‘Redneck road rage’ backfires when driver experiences instant karma

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TAMPA, Fla. (PIX11) – Angry, tailgating drivers are a common occurrence, but rarely does the universe deliver such swift karmic justice as it did in this video entitled “Redneck Road Rage.”

Uploaded to YouTube by a woman who calls herself “Florida Driver,” she wrote in the description of the video, posted Wednesday, “This (guy) tailgated me for about three minutes. After about a minute, and me shaking my head, I pulled out my phone and started recording. I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane.”

After riding the back of her vehicle, he finally pulls into the next lane and passes — just to slow down so he could make an obscene hand gesture.  As he pulled away, flying down the slick road at high speed, karma took over:

[WARNING: Obscene hand gestures]


  • Des

    why is she driving and using her phone??? watch the video again, she had plenty of opportunity to get over! typical woman!!! come to pa, I'll show you tail-gating.

  • Haley

    I agree with Des. If this woman was so worried about the slick, dangerous roads, then why is she using her phone and not using both her hands on the wheel? Also, it appeared she had plenty of space/time to get over, yet in her video info she claims she didn't have space due to "other vehicles," but yet in the video there isn't anyone beside her for a good period of time. You're not supposed to be cruising in the left lane. That is a law! Unless you are passing other vehicles, you should not be over there. This whole situation could have been avoided completely had she gotten over like she is supposed to, but instead she chose to remain purposefully to make another driver angry. That is real smart, safe driving! Just stay out of people's way. There is no need to irritate other people on a wet road, where you could be risking not only your life, but someone else's.

  • Tony

    The guy might have been a d@ckhead, but she should have been in the right hand lane, not the passing lane, and her video clearly shows she could have merged into that lane had she not been too busy filming.

  • mario

    she was going 50 in a passing lane all she had to do was move to the right lane and avoid drama instead she was recording while driving and waiting for this person to explode unreal uncool and very dangerous she shouldn't have provoked and he should have just driven by and passed to dummies…..if this guy would have killed a family on the the lane when that lady could have just moved over she wouldn't be laughing.

  • PASS and move over

    I never saw anybody in the other lane, preventing her from having to hold the pass lane? I agree, he got a little "FU" but I think the real problem was the person making the video.

  • Lisa

    Florida law states you can drive in the left lane but can not drive under the speed limit.. Also in Florida it is not illegal to be using a cell phone.. If she could have gotten into the right lane to let him pass, he could have went into the right lane just as easy to pass and not drive aggressively.. If that was me, I would have hit the breaks and let his insurance company pay for the repairs.. I Do believe you are supposed to keep a cars length of distance between

  • edk

    F that. Why was she doing only 48 in thr passing lane?!?! And on top of that using her phone. From the bellow in her laugh she’s a fat b. So a fat b driving slow in a speed lane using her phone. Hmmm I agree with “red neck” f u!

  • ginnie g

    gotta mention; 1) all she had to do was move over. 2) she's breaking the law by recording him and she's a danger to everyone else on the road. 3) if she left the scene of the accident, she broke the law

  • Mark G

    She definitely taunted him and was not driving safely.
    To the comment that cellphones are legal in Florida…..yes HOWEVER Cell phone use allowed while operating a car as long as the sound goes through only one ear. That cell phone only goes to incriminate herself as she did it on purpose and she should actually be the one charged…..reckless driving I would say……….

  • Be Objective

    In regards to the “Redneck Road Rage Video” News 11 missed the boat on this one. While we would all love to see a road rage driver get his comeuppance, this was not the incident to show as a sample of this. The driver video taping could not have been more wrong. It is taught in defensive driving classes. If you are in the passing left lane and somebody wants to go faster than you, whether you are doing 10 miles and hour or 100 miles an hour, no matter what the speed limit is, if they want to go faster than you…you move to the right. The driver "illegally" video taping him (I don't ,believe that was a hands free phone) is not truthful when she said she could not get over – just watch the video. If the videoing driver was more interested in following the rules of the road and not getting her 15 mins. of fame, this never would have happened. The driver videoing caused the road rage and should be ashamed of herself.

    • Left lane lucy

      You couldn't be MORE wrong!! It's not my problem you want to drive faster! Drive around me… and this guy… he was bullying her!!

  • jon

    I didn't see anyone else point this out, but she clearly accelerates after he passes her – which we all know is basically the most f'd up and passive aggressive thing a driver can do – she was trying to get under his skin. That's when he pulls up along side her, for the second time, and flips her off.

    She should have let him pass.

  • LT Dan

    The woman baited the poor guy into this accident. She instigated the situation by driving 47 mph in the Passing Lane! She picked out this poor man to push his buttons and try to cause him problems! She was clearly breaking the passing lane law. She clearly cannot drive a motor vehicle properly and should not have a drivers license. When a bicycle rides up behind you on the sidewalk do you continue to walk in his way? This man is the victim here. Lady, if you can’t drive your car properly you shouldn’t be on the road. Do us all a favor and buy a bicycle or walk. Quit subjecting those of us living in a competitive society to your utter incompetence and evil instigating passive aggressiveness

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