This teen actually got a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his forearm

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18-year-old Stian Ytterdahl will wear his meal contents on his arm for the rest of his life. (Image/

NORWAY (PIX11) – He’s loving it now, but a Norwegian teen admits he may feel different about his McDonald’s-receipt tattoo later in life.

Stian Ytterdahl, 18, says he got the tattoo on his arm after his friends decided to punish him for being “a little too active on the women front.”  Now, Ytterdahl will forever remember what he ate at McDonald’s on Monday.

“Now I’m a living billboard , but I think all this is just fun,” Ytterdahl told RB news.  “Maybe it’s not as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years , but it’s my choice.”

The tattoo artist says it was the strangest request they had ever had at Sabelink Tattoo in Yokohama.

McDonald's arm tattoo

As of Wednesday night, the post on the Sabelink Facebook page has nearly 1,000 likes, but its not without its critics.  One woman wrote, “I hope some of these (Norwegian posts) translate to ‘what an idiot’.”

Apparently they do, because when he was asked about them Ytterdahl said, “I do not care about the negative comments.  It is also reassuring to know that even my mom has given me a ‘like.’  I’m more unsure of what my dad would say, he is not on social media.”

The director of communications for the McDonald’s in Norway was not aware of the tattoo, and denies that it was a publicity stunt.

“I cannot say that I think anything other than that this is terrific,” said Brusletto.  “We are talking obviously about a loyal customer.”


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