Pit bull that mauled 4-year-old won’t be euthanized, judge rules

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PHOENIX (CNN) — A four-year-old Valley boy is going through extensive surgeries after a pit bull attacked him and there’s been a push on social media to keep the dog from being put down.

A judge made the decision Tuesday that Mickey the pit bull will not be euthanized.

The judge in the case ruled the dog must be neutered, defanged, microchipped and never adopted out.

Kevin Vicente, the boy the dog mauled, continues to recover from life-changing injuries.

“We were not here to put a dog above Kevin, we were here to make sure that justice was served,” Veronica Lee said.

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(Photo: AZ Central)

Lee was the woman behind the “Save Mickey” Facebook page, getting more than 60,000 “Likes” from across the country and the world.

She said the judge’s decision Tuesday is fair to everyone.

Mickey mauled the four-year-old while at his babysitter’s home last month.

Matilde Polanco is a close family friend and said instead of spending time and money sparring Mickey’s life, the supporters should be out supporting the young boy and his mother.

Kevin Vicente has gone through extensive surgeries, had a broken jaw and lost an eye.

Mickey is currently at Animal Care and Control. The people who wished he was euthanized said they’re afraid once the court battle is over, Mickey may end up on the streets again.

“This child just went through war, and has to live that trauma over and over and over,” family friend Luis Acosta said.


  • ballet mom

    You should report the whole story this boy wandered into the yard of the dog and took his bone away. This child was not being supervised correctly while under the care of the babysitter . I agree with this ruling being fair.

    • Snoopy

      I second that. You should explain the entire story, because you make it appear as if a bad decision was made, and it was the dog's fault. The dog was in his own yard, a kid came into the yard, and took the dog's bone out of the dog's mouth. The dog probably warned the kid, but a 4 yr old didn't recognize the warning. Clearly, a 4 year old should not be wandering around the neighborhood unsupervised, and this is easily preventable with keeping an eye on the kid. This is clearly a human fault, and I do not agree the dog should be put down at all.

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