Having the last word: Writing your own obituary becoming a trend

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NEW YORK (PIX11)–Actor James Rebhorn was known for being very picky when it came to taking on film and television role.

And it turned out he was just as meticulous when it came to his obituary.

The actor penned his own death-notice shedding light on the life that he lived, according to him.

He’s the latest in a growing group…calling the shots when it comes to their final words.

Writing your own obituary – it really is the ultimate way to have the last word.

And for starters–the info is coming from a pretty reliable source.

So what would your obituary sound like?

In a recent case of the self-styled obit, Dr. Val Patterson of Utah used it as an opportunity to come clean about a few skeletons after his bout with throat cancer.

The fact was – he didn’t really have a Ph.D and he was apparently was a thief, admitting to stealing a company safe a few decades back.

While no one knows you better than yourself critics say the do-it-yourself death notice may open the door to a little bit of narcissism or depending on the author a lot.

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