NJ teen’s brazen trip to WTC spire raises questions about security cameras

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) – New Jersey teenager Justin Casquejo managed to slip into One World Trade Center and access the top of the nation’s tallest building — and now experts are wondering how he managed to bypass the allegedly tight security at the site of the 9/11 terror attacks.

“This is an egregious breach of security,” said Manny Gomez of MG Security Services.

Gomez, a former member of the NYPD as well as a counter-terrorism expert for the FBI, has several key questions that many would think one of the top terror targets on the planet would have answered months ago,  “Where was the physical security? Where were the cameras? Where was anybody to challenge this kid from going all the way to top?”

NJ teen scales wtc

Gomez is spirited about security, because of his deep connection to the site as well as 9/11.

During an interview with PIX 11 News Gomez became emotional while discussing what he saw that morning at the twin towers.

As he reflected on the past inside of his security firm in Chelsea, he discussed the future and the hope that the daring teen might have provided for others with his stunt, “Organizations or individuals that have hostile intentions towards the United States are looking at this very closely, learning from it and getting inspired by it.”

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Gomez added the he was surprised at reports that internal cameras are not operational, “It’s still under construction, but it’s going live later on this year, so at what point are they going to make those cameras go live and test those cameras?”

WTC teen

Sal Lifrieri categorizes the stunt as, “It’s a good wake-up call.”

Lifrieri is president of Protective Countermeasures.  He has clients in lower Manhattan and is well versed with the layout around the World Trade Center site.

Lifrieri shared with PIX11 News as to how this latest stunt is changing security strategies, “It’s forcing everybody to take a look at their systems and taking a look especially at the perimeters to see how do you prevent this from recurring again.”

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