Giraffe kisses dying caretaker in heartwarming farewell

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One of the giraffes kissed its terminally-ill caretaker Mario in a video that has now gone viral. (Youtube)

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (PIX11)– A giraffe bid farewell to a dying zoo employee by lightly kissing the man’s face as he visited with the animals he took care of and his former coworkers

The 54-year-old man identified as Mario by the Dutch News is suffering from terminal cancer and worked at the Diergaarde Blikdorp Zoo in Rottenham, Netherlands for the past 25 years.


Mario, who is paralyzed by a brain tumor, had the company of giraffes as an early birthday present.(Youtube)

The Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederland foundation, a charity that drives terminal patients in an ambulance to carry out their final wish,  posted a video on their Facebook page on Friday that filmed one of the giraffes nuzzling its former caretaker as he laid on a bed.

According to the foundation, Mario was an intellectually-disabled man that had a brain tumor that left him paralyzed. His final wish was to see the animals and his colleagues as an early April birthday present in March.


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