SEE IT: Cyclist hit by truck escapes injury by landing on mattress that fell from vehicle

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Bicyclist Hit

(Image/Globo video)

PARANA, Brazil (PIX11) – Security cameras captured the moment a man riding a bicycle in Brazil was miraculously saved by a mattress that fell out of the same truck that clipped him on Monday.

The incredible scene was captured outside of a driving school in Foz do Iguaçu, a southwestern town on the border of Paraguay, according to Globo News.  The accident happened along one of the busiest thoroughfares when a man transporting mattresses for a local store tried to overtake the cyclist at high speed, hitting him instead and launching him from the bicycle.

Before the biker could hit the pavement, however, a mattress that fell off the truck can be scene on surveillance footage sliding in from the side — directly underneath him.

The cyclist lands in a sitting position in a cloud of dust, cushioned by the mattress.  Perhaps stunned by his own luck, it takes him a minute to get up.  The man miraculously suffered only minor injuries.