Queens man suing OkCupid says he was ‘catfished’ and robbed of $70K

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QUEENS (PIX11) – 65-year-old Michael Picciano of Queens is blaming OK Cupid after a man he met on the “best free dating site on Earth” allegedly scammed him out of thousands of dollars.

He claims OkCupid did not conduct “even minimal screening of its subscribers and therefore deceptively creating the impression their dating service was safe, when, in fact, it was a trap for the unwary.”

Indeed, online love comes with a high amount of risk as many people create false profiles with pictures and names not their own.  ‘Catfish,’ a show on MTV is devoted to tracking down the people behind the fake profiles after they enter into online relationships.

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Picciano admits he willingly handed over tens of thousand to a complete stranger he never met, but believes the dating site should have had better filters.

The man, who told Picciano his name was Bruce Thompson, said he was having financial problems with a new computer parts business he was setting up.  Before it was over, Picciano had given him more than $70,000.

Picciano finally got wise and went to police, but they haven’t been able to track Thompson down.

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