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Mom saves twins by using her body as a ‘speed bump’

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bumper mom

Mindy Tran, of Lawrence, Mass., was crushed by her own car after she tried to stop it from rolling into traffic with her toddler daughters inside. (Courtesy WCVB-TV)

New Y ork (PIX11) — A 22-year-old mom used her body as a “speed bump” to stop a car from rolling into traffic with her twin toddlers inside.

Mindy Tran’s thought her car was in park when she pulled it into the garage of her Massachusetts home.

Tran stepped out of the car just for a moment when it began rolling down the driveway towards a busy street with her two-year-old daughters strapped inside.

The panicked mother’s instincts were to throw herself in front of the car to stop it from rolling into the street, essentially using her body as a speed bump.

A neighbor heard the commotion and jumped into the vehicle to stop it.

Tran is now recovering from a crushed left knee and dislocated hip after she was run over and is undergoing intensive rehab to walk again.

“It was all for my kids. I’m just glad my kids are fine,” Tran told WCVB.

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