Bronx man shot and killed after defending mom’s singing from hecklers

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A woman’s singing on this South Bronx street lead to a violent confrontation between her son and several men, who then shot him dead, sources say. (Google Maps Street View)

New York (WPIX) — Some violent hecklers shot and and killed a 24 year-old man for defending his mother.

Verbena Burgess was singing outside of her South Bronx home on Morris Avenue Sunday night, when a group of young men started insulting her, going as far to throw a bottle and paper at the woman.

After Burgess threatened to call the cops, the group of men told her, “Do it. Call the cops. Call your boys.”

Tony Burgess, one of her sons, brawled with the group of men, then went home.

Later, the thugs burst into the family’s home and shot Burgess in the head.

He later died at Lincoln Hospital.

”I just feel like if you start something and a fight is what you get yourself into, a fight is what it should be. It shouldn’t have to be you getting a gun,” the boy’s brother told the Post.

No arrests have been made.



  • marion thomas

    That’s sad u can clearly see that they was out to get her sons…they asked her to get her boys maybe something in the past happened between them and her sons it sound’s like premeditated murder too me

  • Annoyed

    R.I.P. however it is quite annoying when someone is outside singing on your block disturbing the peace, if she would have stopped singing her son would still be alive. Its just simple respect. I have the same issue on my block people are always so loud singing and rapping no one wants to hear that. Sorry someone had to lose their life over this.

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