79-year-old woman reunited with hero who rescued her from East Harlem explosion chaos

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — This is 79-year-old Edlyene Mosley, at last reuniting with her savior, Sammy Carrasquillo.

“He’s my guardian angel, everyone had gone,” she told PIX11 News.

Mosley calls Carrasquillo her guardian angel today — not even a week ago he was pulling her from the rubble of the East Harlem gas explosion.

The ambulette taking the great-grandmother to her first day of dialysis was just feet from being crushed by five stories of debris, as seen in a cell phone video obtained exclusively by PIX11.

Hero reunion

79-year-old Edlyene Mosley was stunned, covered in dust and sitting alone in the back of an ambulette when Sammy Carrasquillo found her.

“He climbed in the back of the van and said ‘anyone with you’ and I said ‘no’ and he said ‘you want to get out’ and I said ‘get me out of here.’

“He’s my son now, I only had one, now I have two.”

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Carrasquillo, himself a father and grandfather of eight, was delivering flowers when he heard the explosion a block away, and ran toward the chaos.

“I had to help somebody. She was there by herself in a daze,” he said.

Woman rescued

79-year-old Edlyene Mosley was rescued by a hero East Harlem man Sammy Carrasquillo after the explosion that brought down two buildings.

Mosley’s home health aid and driver had left the ambulette without saying a word to the stranded woman suffering from heart and lung issues. Later they both said they had gone for help. They returned, only after three people got Mosley to safety, and to medics who we captured on video tending to her.

The mom, granny and great-grandmother of 28 says it was a higher power protecting her that day that eight people lost their lives.

“I had just finished praying for god and was it not for him I would have been crushed,” she said.

“That wasn’t her day. You got a long time to live,”  Carrasquillo said.

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