Relatives of passengers aboard Malaysia Flight 370 begin to mourn their loved ones

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NEW YORK (PIX11)- The faces reflect the mood. Relatives of passengers aboard Malaysia Flight 370 beginning to accept the fact that they many never see their loved ones again.


Malaysia Flight 370 whereabouts still remain a mystery

The plane carrying 239 people including a father from Texas and his two small children lost contact with ground controllers somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam after leaving Kuala Lumpur.

Radar indicated the aircraft may have turned back. There was no distress signal. An object that may be one of the doors has been spotted near oil slicks.

Search Continues For Missing Malaysian Arliner Carrying 239 Passengers

A relative of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 cries out at a local hotel where families are gathered on March 9, 2014 in Beijing, China. (Getty Images)

Congressman Peter King, a member of the House Committee on homeland security says we can’t dismiss the possibility of terrorism.

“It is obviously no coincidence that you have two stolen passports,” the congressman told PIX 11. “It raises real red flags as to whether there was a terrorist connection here.”

An important part of the investigation that two passengers board the flight with stolen passports and bought their tickets together from china southern airlines at identical prices. One travelled as an Austrian,  the other allegedly as Luigi Maraldi from Italy, who was not on the flight.

Stolen passports are a huge international problem, but only a few countries closely monitor their use. more than 40 million travel documents have been reported stolen since 2002.

A database was created by Interpol following 9-11. The US uses the database more than any other country. However, Interpol reports that passengers board planes more than a billion times without even having their passports screened.