Liam Neeson shows his love for the NYC horse carriage industry

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WEST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11)– He arrived like the movie star he is with a number one hit at the box office, Nonstop. But Liam Neeson’s passion for the horse carriage industry in New York City was clear.

“This is an industry that has been here since the first inauguration of Abraham Lincoln,” Liam Neeson said. “These horses are well cared for.”  The Hollywood heavyweight added,” the mayor wants to replace them with electric cars. Just want this city needs, more cars.”


Liam Neeson says carriage horses are “well cared for”

Neeson and the supporters of the horse carriage industry invited the mayor and New York City Council’s 51 members to tour the stables this weekend but only a dozen Councilmembers showed up and Mayor DiBlasio declined the tour until another day.

“I used to think the carriages are part of New York City,” the mayor told PIX 11,”but it doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Animal rights groups claim it’s cruel to force the horses to work on crowded city streets. They also claim the stables are poorly maintained. But in an up close interview, Liam Neeson said that’s clearly not the case.

“I am a total believer in animal rights,” Neeson told PIX 11, “but they are putting out a lot of falsehoods.”

After the tour of the Clinton Park stable City council member Costa Constantides said he was convinced the “animals were well cared for.”

It is not clear when the horse carriage ban will be up for a vote in the City Council.

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  • sheila

    Magee – LOUSY repoerting – so one sided – guess we know where your prdjudices LIE. I FULLY suppor Mayor Di Balsio's commitment to finally ban this VILE trade. And liam neeson knows nothing.

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